IV Therapy Medical weight loss & Lab Testing

Replenish, refuel & Restore your body from the inside out

Getting IV Therapy in Whitefish and Compression Legs

IV Therapy Medical Weight Loss
& Lab Testing

Replenish, refuel & restore your body from the inside out

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Whitefish IV Therapy

In-Office & Mobile IV Therapy

IV Therapy Bags for Hangovers, Recovery and Hydration

IV therapy is an incredible way to rehydrate and rejuvenate your body. Need an energy boost? Feeling run down? Want to take your health to the next level? BusyBee can help you do exactly that. We provide in-office & mobile services. Our mobile IV therapy services allow you to rehydrate wherever you are - home, office, vacation rental, etc. Our team of trained nurses will tailor your IV therapy to meet your specific needs and goals. So, what are you waiting for? Live your life beyond its limits, with BusyBee IV Hydration & Wellness.

Potential Benefits:

Hangover Relief // Enhance Athletic Performance // Immune System Boost // Mental Clarity // Reduce Inflammation // Reduce Jet Lag // Destress // + More

Medical Weight Loss

Semaglutide for safe, effective weight management

BusyBee IV Hydration & Wellness stands out as a top choice for weight loss programs, known for its thoroughness and efficacy. Our program harnesses cutting-edge peptides (semaglutide), meticulous personal data monitoring, transformative lifestyle adjustments, and medical guidance to foster enhanced metabolic health and sustainable weight loss.

Our program is distinguished by a dedication to your success. All clients have access to consistent blood work, body scans, vitamin injections, and regular consultations with our providers.

Weight Loss Consult w/ Semaglutide

Wellness Panels

Comprehensive lab draws/blood work

Blood Work For Wellness Panels

Experience comprehensive health evaluations with our full wellness panel services. We go beyond basic assessments, offering a detailed exploration of your body's functioning. Our skilled team conducts thorough blood work, including hormone levels, nutrient profiles, and more, to give you a complete picture of your health. These insights empower you and your provider to make informed decisions about your wellness journey.

Wellness Panels:

General Wellness // Thyroid Panels // Hormones // Weight Loss Panels // Heart Health // Fatigue Panels + More

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BusyBee IV Owners

Wellness for all lifestyles

Locally owned and operated business that's passionate about helping our community live their best lives. Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, live for the night life, a stay-at-home parent, or anything in between, BusyBee is here to make life a little easier, healthier, more convenient and fun. Our nursing staff and services are overseen by our medical director, Lindsey Herndon.