Vitamin Shots

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants

What are vitamin shots?

Vitamin shots or injections, along with IV drips, are an effective way to boost your body's overall health. Unlike taking vitamins orally, they are delivered by injecting directly into the muscle. This allows the components of the shot to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly where they are pushed directly into the cells and can be utilized more effectively by the body.


Some of the most popular reasons people seek out vitamin shots are to; increase energy, improve mood and sleep, strengthen immune system, assist in weight loss, and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Vitamin shots only take about 10 minutes once you're an established client. Can book online or call!

B12 Vitamin Shot Vial Energy Boost


boosts energy, immunity, metabolism & more

Glutathione Vitamin Shot Vial


Master Antioxidant
detox, immunity, anti-aging, free radical reduction

Vitamin D Vitamin Shot Vial

Vitamin D

immunity, bone health, mood & more

Biotin Vitamin Shot Vial


Strengthens hair, skin, nails & gut health

Taurine Vitamin Shot Vial


Cognitive health, aid in stress/anxiety relief, athletic performance, heart and eye health

Lysine Vitamin Shot Vial


Anti-viral, immunity & collagen boost

Skinny Shot Vitamin Shot Vial

Skinny Shot

Improves energy, increases metabolism, decreases sugar cravings, weight loss aid

CoQ10 Vitamin Shot Vial


Antioxidant aids in muscle recovery, brain/heart health, energy

Zinc Vitamin Shot Vial


Immunity boost, wound healing, DNA synthesis

Client After Vitamin Shot Boost

Whitefish Vitamin Shots

Come into our store front for a quick boost! We accept walk-ins & appointments. These appointments typically only take about 10 minutes once an established client. Most vitamin shots can be added to an IV bag as well.

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