Frequently Asked Questions

Each infusion will take approximately 30-60 minutes depending on volume and cocktail. Adding more fluids will add more time.

IV therapy is recommended weekly to monthly depending on the individual's needs and goals. Contact BusyBee IV Hydration & Wellness today to discuss an individualized plan that will optimize your health.

We offer services to those who are 18 and older.

Yes, please contact us to inquire further about discounts for parties.

We book outside of hours quite often. We can try to accommodate outside of business hours but these appointments are best booked ahead of time. Please contact us if wanting to schedule a party on days services are not offered. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!

Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Kalispell and adding more...

For groups/parties/events we do go outside of our current coverage areas when we have availability. Please call/text, fill out our contact us form or email with your exact needs and we will let you know if we can make it happen! Individual bookings outside of our current coverage zone may be possible as we are hiring more nurses to cover more areas. Please call or email us with your location and desired date and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our board-certified nurse practitioner will contact you prior to your visit to make sure IV therapy is the right choice for you and your needs. She will go over your health history and inquire about contraindications for receiving treatment. With that being said, if you feel most comfortable with a quick chat to your doc prior to services then we encourage you to do so!

We currently do not accept insurance. We can give you an invoice of your treatment for you to submit to your insurance company. However, we do accept many HSA & FSA cards, must be with a major credit card.

If you have a chronic condition restricting fluid and electrolyte intake, IV therapy may not be for you. Health history consistent with chronic kidney disease, heart failure, fluid overload, and some pulmonary illness may restrict options for services. Our nurse practitioner will go over your health history prior to receiving therapy.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Venmo and Cash. Many HSA & FSA cards, must be with a major credit card. If you plan to pay with cash, exact change only.


For mobile services our coordination of schedule takes more effort than if everyone saw us in office. This also means when canceling services close to your scheduled treatment time, it is much more difficult for our nurses to fill this space with other patients and we often lose out on giving treatment altogether. The last thing we want to do is charge cancellation fees so please view below and give us plenty of notice if you need to cancel or rebook.

For telehealth & in-office appointments we charge a $50 cancellation fee per person if you cancel within 2 hours of your scheduled appointment.

For mobile IV therapy we charge a $50 per person cancellation fee if canceled within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment. If canceled within 2 hours of scheduled appointment, we charge 50% of each person's booked treatment cost.

If our nurses arrive on-site and no one answers or the treatment is canceled, we charge the full treatment cost.